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Dr Akshay Shah

Dr Akshay Shah

General & Aesthetic Dentist

Akshay is a cosmetic restorative dentist – the challenge of highly-demanding “pretty dentistry” or fixing damaged teeth greatly appeals to him. In both instances, he is aiming to mimic nature and is able to bring together a range of dental skills.

To develop these skills, Akshay has attended numerous post-graduate courses over recent years – in particular the one-year aesthetic and restorative dentistry programme taught by world-renowned Dr. Chris Orr. He has also completed three additional courses to advance his understanding and techniques for composite bonding.

Akshay is passionate about high quality dental photography and this can be found on his Instagram page (@dr_akshayshah), where he routinely showcases his patients’ treatments.

Massetts Road Dental has a wonderfully friendly team, and he loves that everyone is always willing to help another.

In his spare time Akshay plays snooker, cooks, travels with my wife and much to her annoyance-supports Arsenal when they are playing!

What is your idea of food heaven?
MNKY HSE in Mayfair (Latin American)

If you could be anyone for a day, who would that be?
An astronaut on the International Space Station

Favourite car?
Lamborghini Aventador

Favourite song or band?
I couldn’t pick a favourite here, so I have decided to answer this with my favourite TV show – Breaking Bad!

Favourite movie?

Favourite aspect of the job?
The feeling of transforming someone’s smile in just one day

One word to describe you?

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