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Bernice Craddock

Bernice Craddock

Dental Nurse

Bernice went to school and lived in Horley until she got married at 21. She then moved to Crawley. Bernice has one daughter and two sons.

Bernice worked for Tumble Tots for 16 years before coming to work at Massetts Road Dental Practice in 2011, and qualified as a dental nurse in 2012. Bernice is extremely compassionate and caring.

Bernice enjoys watching rugby, cycling (weather permitting), spending time at the beach, swimming with her grandkids and enjoys going out on the back of her husband’s motorbike.

Her favourite part of the job is seeing emergency patients and getting them out of pain and assisting with dental extractions.

What is your idea of food heaven?
Cheese and pineapple Pizza

If you could be anyone for a day, who would that be?
A midwife

Favourite car?
Range Rover

Favourite song or band?
Elvis Presley

Favourite movie?

Favourite aspect of the job?
Getting patients out of pain

One word to describe you?

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