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Marika Stalford

Marika Stalford

Practice Manager

Marika was born in the Czech Republic and after finishing School of economics moved to Greece.

She worked for several years in Athens as an accountant for the Skoda imports Company.

She met my husband in Athens and eventually moved to England. She had to attend a private language school and Crawley College to learn the English language in 1991.

Her father-in-law, a very kind and well known dentist in Horley – Dr. Stalford asked her to help out in the family business – Massetts Road Dental Practice. 30 years on, and she is still enjoying her role as Practice Manager at the dental practice.

What is your idea of food heaven?
Lobster salad

If you could be anyone for a day, who would that be?
Robinson Crusoe

Favourite car?
Alfa Romeo Spider

Favourite song or band?
Stairway to heaven

Favourite movie?
Magnificent Seven

Favourite aspect of the job?
Feeling I have done my best and helped everyone else to do their best every day

One word to describe you?

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