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At Massetts Road Dental Practice, we provide prompt and professional care for all types of dental emergencies. Our experienced team is ready to address your urgent dental needs with the highest level of care and expertise.

Common dental emergencies we handle

Severe toothache

A severe toothache can be a sign of various underlying issues, such as cavities, infections, or gum disease. The pain can be intense and persistent, often disrupting daily activities.

Immediate steps:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • Use dental floss to remove any food particles lodged between teeth.
  • Apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid placing aspirin directly on the tooth or gums.

Broken or chipped teeth

Teeth can break or chip due to trauma, biting on hard objects, or decay. This can cause pain, sensitivity, and sharp edges that can injure your tongue or cheek.

Immediate steps:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area.
  • If there is bleeding, apply gauze to the site until it stops.
  • Save any broken pieces of the tooth if possible.
  • Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.

Knocked-out tooth

A knocked-out tooth requires immediate action to increase the chances of saving it. This often occurs due to accidents or sports injuries.

Immediate steps:

  • Handle the tooth by the crown (top) and avoid touching the root.
  • Rinse the tooth gently with water if it’s dirty, but do not scrub it.
  • If possible, place the tooth back into its socket, ensuring it is facing the right way.
  • If reinsertion isn’t possible, keep the tooth moist by placing it in milk or a tooth preservation solution.
  • Seek emergency dental care immediately.

Abscess and infections

An abscess is a severe infection that occurs at the root of a tooth or in the space between the teeth and gums. It can cause significant pain, swelling, and fever.

Immediate steps:

  • Rinse your mouth with a mild saltwater solution to alleviate pain and draw out pus.
  • Avoid putting pressure on the affected area.
  • Seek emergency dental care promptly to prevent the infection from spreading.

Why choose our emergency dentistry?

  • Rapid response: We prioritise dental emergencies to provide swift and effective care.
  • Experienced team: Our skilled dentists are trained to handle all types of dental emergencies with expertise and compassion.
  • Advanced technology: We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to diagnose and treat dental emergencies effectively.
  • Patient comfort: We ensure a comfortable and supportive environment to reduce stress and anxiety during emergency treatments.
  • Comprehensive care: From immediate pain relief to follow-up treatments, we offer complete care to restore your oral health.

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