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Dental Crowns & Bridges

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At Massetts Road Dental Practice, we provide high-quality dental crowns and bridges to help you restore your teeth and enhance your smile. Missing teeth can affect your ability to chew and speak properly, as well as impact your overall dental health. Our crowns & bridges provide a reliable and natural-looking solution.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-made caps designed to cover and protect damaged or decayed teeth. They restore the tooth’s shape, size, strength, and appearance, making them an excellent solution for preserving your natural smile.

Why choose our dental crown services

  • Comprehensive assessment: Our dental team conducts a thorough examination to determine if a crown is the best option for your dental needs
  • Custom fabrication: We create crowns that match the colour, shape, and size of your natural teeth for a seamless look.
  • Advanced materials: Our crowns are made from high-quality materials like porcelain, ceramic, and metal alloys, ensuring durability and a natural appearance
  • Expert fitting: We ensure your crown fits perfectly and comfortably, providing both function and aesthetics.

Benefits of dental crowns

  • Protection: Crowns protect weak or damaged teeth from further decay or fracture.
  • Restoration: They restore the shape, size, and function of a damaged tooth.
  • Aesthetics: Crowns are designed to blend with your natural teeth, enhancing your smile.
  • Durability: With proper care, dental crowns can last many years.

Aftercare for dental crowns

  • Avoid sticky and hard foods: These can damage or dislodge your crown.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene: Brush and floss carefully around the crown to prevent decay at the gum line.
  • Manage sensitivity: You may experience some sensitivity after the crown placement; using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help.
  • Regular check-ups: Visit your dentist regularly to monitor the condition of your crown and surrounding teeth.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth by literally bridging the gap between two teeth. They consist of one or more artificial teeth anchored in place by crowns on adjacent natural teeth or implants.

Why choose our dental bridges

  • Thorough consultation: We evaluate your dental health and discuss the best bridge option for your needs.
  • Custom-made bridges: We craft bridges that fit perfectly and match the colour and shape of your natural teeth.
  • High-quality materials: Our bridges are made from durable materials like porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, or gold.
  • Precise fitting: We ensure your bridge is securely and comfortably fitted, providing you with a natural feel and look.

Benefits of dental bridges

  • Restored function: Bridges restore your ability to chew and speak effectively.
  • Natural appearance: Custom-made to match your natural teeth, they improve the appearance of your smile.
  • Preventing shifting: Bridges prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of position.
  • Long-lasting solution: With proper care, dental bridges can provide a durable solution for missing teeth.

Aftercare for dental bridges

  • Clean under the bridge: Use a bridge floss threader to clean underneath the artificial tooth.
  • Maintain oral hygiene: Brush and floss regularly to keep the supporting teeth and gums healthy.
  • Avoid hard foods: These can damage the bridge or supporting teeth.
  • Monitor for issues: Report any discomfort or changes in fit to your dentist immediately.

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